A Sprinkle of Sweetness First Birthday Session

A Sprinkle of Sweetness for a First Birthday!

I truly love capturing First Birthday Sessions!

Especially when I have been along on the babies journey of life since the beginning. I love seeing how much they have grown. I love seeing their personality and I love letting the sprinkles FLY! I love starting with the sprinkles before we introduce a cake during a full One Year Old Birthday Session.  Sprinkles are fun, colorful and most … okay every kid wants to play in them! The cake is always a wild card will they like the icing? Will they freak out from the texture?

M first birthday cindypic  Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis Area Photographer

M first birthday cindypic Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis Area Photographer

Micah obviously loved the sprinkles and the cake! Her cute little Monkey outfit Mom bought from LilyBella’s Boutique from Etsy.  I can tell you that her birthday party was just as cute as she is! Her Mom made peanut butter sandwich’s cut in the shape of bananas. And all the décor was Monkey themed. Sorry I didn’t take pictures with my camera when I was there. When I get invited as a guest to a friends party I usually volunteer to take their camera and enjoy the party as I snap pictures for them.

I love this family. Not just because they have chosen me as their photographer. If you remember any other posts regarding them they are the most caring, giving, loving people I have ever met. I feel completely blessed that God has crossed our paths and I am able to share so many special moments with them!

Enjoy Micah’s video! Music is the “Birthday Boogaloo” by Ali Handal

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