Best Friend Senior Photos

 Senior Photo’s are fun when you include your Best Friend! 

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Senior Photos are always fun when you include your best friend!

Every year I return to my Hometown to visit my family and disconnect to reconnect. My sister and her family live out on a farm and I get no cell reception and have no internet. Some may think it is crazy and say “I can’t be with out my phone!”  It strengthens the bond between my family and I and also gives me quiet time to think, reflect and photograph! This year I timed my visit to capture some images of my niece and her best friend for their Senior photos. First I am in denial that she is a Senior and am in awe at her relationship with her parents and God!

I felt as though I already knew her best friend, Morgan because of Megan’s Social Media posts. One thing is sure when you have your Senior Photos captured with your best friend laughter is a given! I think my cheeks hurt for a week and I wasn’t even the one being photographed.

I think Mom always comes along to the Senior Session. One thing I really don’t warn you about but if you know me I insist and demand at the end of the session that Mom get in the photo with their Senior. It may be the last time you have a moment to “pose” for a picture. Pretty soon your child is an adult (still in denial) is looking at colleges or starting a job and then you blink and you’re planning adult things with them.

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Best Friend Graffiti wall Cindy Meisch Photography on location Senior photos

Disclaimer: I photoshopped the graffiti onto the wall. Always respect property public or private and do not deface it. 

best senior photos

So Jump with Joy that your Senior Year is Here! Cindy Meisch photography Memphis Area Photographer

So, I am not completely done with Meg’s photos. I still need to do some in studio formals, her sports photos and the other 220 + inspiration photos she has pinned to her board.  As well as one more niece who also needing her Senior photos (Yes still in denial)

Love this girl and am happy to be a small part of making sure these memories were captured!



  1. Patti Hunt Wagnitz says:

    Love, love, love! I love the video, but especially the “modeling catwalk” down the gravel road.

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