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Yes, I know you see Children and Families all over my site, Facebook, Instagram. But I was introduced to some amazing photographers that I have been taking classes from and practicing behind and in front of the camera.   You just need to provide your own lingerie for these sessions. I do have a few lingerie pieces new with tags available for purchase as well as some pieces that I have professionally cleaned. You just need a nude thong or pantie. You can also bring your significant others favorite sports team jersey, work related item like a fire helmet or his white shirt and tie for these sessions. I provide you with a Professional Hair and Make-up and posing direction.

This is just a small sampling of my work. Please set up a free consult to see my portfolio. We meet at a coffee shop and I can show you what I offer and samples of my work.   I NEVER, EVER share client images no matter what I am photographing without your explicit written consent. If you fill out my questionnaire I would be happy to email you my  Collections and product offerings for these sessions. I will never push you further than you are willing to go or show.

Why Boudoir?

Boudoir page image copyright Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis, TN

Boudoir  images copyright Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis, TN



I am still a big believer in having family pictures hung proudly in your home.  But some life changing things have happened to me over the past 3 years!  Not only absorbing everything my mentors were saying, writing, photographing I was also working on me, on my own self worth. One article that hit deep for me was from this BLOG. It shifted my thinking about how I as a Mom set the tone for the home. But, you know I am not only a Mom I am a woman! I want to feel sexy. On those days where I am driving my kids to the bus stop in my pajamas and messy hair I know a Sexy Diva is inside me!

One of the Woman I call a Mentor and a blessing is Sue Bryce. She is an amazing Glamour Photographer.  She is the one that unknowingly kicked my bum into the journey of self worth but also she is ALWAYS saying “You MUST exist in Photos!” I do that for my family but I also wanted it for me! To remind myself I am still a woman.

I also want Women to know that no matter your size it does NOT matter. Ask anyone you love…. and look at any picture or person you love. Love is what you remember. So although my journey has taken me to the size I am now I will be photographing women of all sizes and shapes!  As soon as all my Boudoir (brave) models are photographed I will be announcing the start of this part of my business. These sessions will include hair and make-up from a professional and take place in my studio. (you provide your own lingerie) And we will go as far as your comfortable.

Not Quite Ready for Boudoir?

So you’re not quite ready to bare your bum? No judgement here. But I am also launching a Beautiful You Brand. It will still be celebrating women and teens but in beautiful gowns, tulle and accessories. It will still include professional hair and make-up.  And we can combine the 2 types of sessions as well.

I am Looking forward to the direction  Cindy Meisch Photography is headed! Stay tuned for updates! Again to everyone that I have photographed I truly appreciate your trust in me in capturing your Memories!

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