Child Photography

Child Photography by Cindy Meisch Photography


I absolutely adore capturing children.  Even during a family session I photograph kids individually. When I was learning photography from my mentor in the Chicago area my focus was on Children.  My job started at Donnell Collins Photography photographing babies turning one!  The newspaper featured them weekly. Making kids smile in a short amount of time was something I was good at.  As I have taken more classes, workshops with some of the best photographers I know my portfolio has grown.  As my children have grown so has the areas I photograph.  I still love the little cheeky smiles, the toothless grins and have photoshopped countless owies and boogies! I hold a special place in my heart for all MY littles! I love hearing stories of how they know the entrance of the studio and yell “I want to see Ms. Cindy!”  It could be they just want Smarties but I’ll take it!  I am booking childrens sessions either classic backgrounds or outdoor sessions.  Don’t forget this moment!  


What to wear during your Child's Portrait Session

What to wear during your Child’s Portrait Session