Eclipse 2017

The Eclipse of 2017

It’s only Tuesday and you’re either tired of hearing about the Eclipse or you are still amazed at what took place on August 21, 2017.

I am from a very small town in Southern Illinois. Carbondale, IL made the Memphis and most major News as being the spot a lot of people were traveling to because the duration of totality. I am actually from Murphysboro and my sister lives on a farm that was literally in the path of the eclipse.  We experienced 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality.

At first I hesitated on making the trip because I was watching Instagram    and Facebook and people were posting about the traffic nightmares.  I forgot to mention that Carbondale is home to Southern Illinois University and it was also move in weekend. YIKES!  But, most people were traveling from North to South and I knew the back roads. So Sunday I made the decision to go. Traffic there surprisingly was not bad and had I not stopped to stretch and for various photo ops I would have made it in the 4 hours it typically takes.

I have this amazingly talented friend, Adarryll Jackson who specializes in night photography, landscapes, cityscapes and is just amazing in general.  Please visit his Instagram and Facebook. He is far more talented in anything related to environmental photography and his portraits would be a great memory for anyone that has ever visited Memphis. (Shameless plug to please buy his art) If it wasn’t for him telling me the special optical mylar film I needed for my camera, the settings I would need to start at and his excitement at capturing this event I probably would have been just looking through my eclipse glasses in Memphis.  (Which ended up with clouds and rain and people chasing the sun just to see it)

To be there with my family including some that traveled from Wisconsin was amazing!  They even had people that asked to view from their property that had traveled all the way from France so their children could experience the event! More people from Chicago and other places stopped and for a moment we all stood and looked at the sky in amazement.

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No matter where you were I hope you stopped for a moment and gazed in the wonder of what God can do!



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