Exist In Pictures!


If not for the generations to have physical proof you were here, you existed! But you get the added benefit of embarrassing your kids! My family loves to Camp (well technically Glamping because it is done in an RV) We just got back from a weekend trip to the Great Smokie Mountains and stayed at the Jellystone Park.   Kudos to my husband for picking an amazing campground among a 100 we could have stayed at! Our RV had a running stream behind it which would have been enough for me but one of the benefits of staying at a Jellystone is that there is activities besides just camping. I’ll let you look it up if your interested in camping.  For us it is a chance to disconnect and reconnect especially before school starts.

Exist in Photos Cindy Meisch Photography

Exist in Photos Cindy Meisch Photography

I was a little disheartened when my daughter snapped this image of me and Yogi.  It was my fault. The day before we had an active day doing the tourist things in Gatlinburg, TN which means the next day I needed to recover. I had spent most of the day lounging in my pj’s while my husband had taken the kids to hike the Smokie Mountains. I had only gotten dressed right before they returned.  I must have said “oh my I look awful!” My daughter turned to me and said “you know you could photoshop it before you post it anywhere.”  At that very second I looked at her and said “Nope! We all have our good days and bad and even though I am looking a little rough I want you to remember I was here!  Although I had a bad health day I want everyone to remember the fun and time we spent together.” And left it at that.  I then showed he the video I had taken of me and our dog on our own little nature walk

Exist in Pictures

Exist in Pictures

Today I had to order client pictures. I ordered the one of me and Yogi too. Life is short whether you are living with a chronic illness or something else unknown happens.

Exist in Pictures!

So I have said it before and I will tell everyone I meet EXIST in pictures! Not only that… print them!!!! The funny thing was when I got back home there was an envelope from my baby sis waiting for me containing pictures of me and my nephew who was maybe 3 or 4 and is now 21 as well as my husband and I in our 80’s hair when we had went to visit relatives. There were no  cell phones back then. No digital camera’s. There is nothing like having a picture in your hand and remembering…..



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