Family Photography

When was the last time you had your Family’s Photograph captured?

 “To us, Family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” – Barbara Bush

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No Excuses…

I am amazed at the number of times I hear “We haven’t had our families picture updated in years” or “When I lose some weight I will make an appointment with you.”  I know that these days everyone is busy… you only need to look to Facebook to see your friends latest “check-in” or see their latest “Tweet”.  Take a minute to look around at the portraits hanging on your walls. When was the last time it was taken? What kind of memories are attached to it?  For me personally I can say that the image of my family was taken about 18 months ago. Like everyone I know that I could lose some weight and my husband works a crazy schedule, my kids are involved in activities and friends. But, Life is short. I am painfully aware how short it is. I would give anything to have one more day with my Dad or not to see the heartbreak that the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep clients that I photograph go through.


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When you set up an appointment with me we are going to talk about what to wear. During your session I am going to pose you in a few different ways to capture your best side. I am going to do my best to make your session Fun! I want you to let me worry about the smiles and who is looking at the camera. I want you to think about your family.  Think about the love you feel for each of your family members. How your daughter’s teeth just fell out or your son just grew a foot in what seems like a day. I want every day for you to pass by the images hanging on your wall and think nothing but happy memories!  When my photographer took my families portraits and did my best to take my own advice. We went to our favorite park. We laughed. We were silly and I thought of nothing but love and the journey that had brought us to that point.  I see those portraits every day and those memories come flooding back every time.  I want you to feel that same way!


Whether you choose a full one hour session or take advantage of the couple of Family mini-Sessions I do in the Spring and Fall … just don’t put it off.

What to wear during your Family Portrait Session

What to wear during your Family Portrait Session