Frequently Asked Questions About My Boudoir Sessions

So do you want to the most frequently asked questions I get about my Boudoir Sessions?

Memphis Area Boudoir Cindy Meisch

“Sometimes, if you aren’t sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down. ” Danielle Steel
Memphis Area Boudoir Cindy Meisch FAQ Boudoir


These are my most common questions. Have more? You can always call me 901-292-3384 or email me

I am not sure if I want a Boudoir Session how do I decide? 

First please do not wait to ______________________  insert excuse here! I photograph more than Boudoir. I photograph Glamour type sessions as well. We can meet for coffee you can ask me anything you want. I will bring samples. Mostly you can see if we “click” do you feel comfortable around me? Boudoir is intimate I need you to feel comfortable and safe with me. If you don’t there are a few other photographers I can recommend.

Will my images be used on your site?

Only with your signed permission. All of the images used on my site are used with the permission of the beautiful women shown. I love showing the beautiful images we create but I will never pressure you and I will never use your images without your permission, no matter how gorgeous they are.

I fear I am too old/fat/shy/awkward, can you make me look beautiful?

Absolutely! Beautiful light, posing, and confidence all come together to create amazing photographs. Many of my clients had similar thoughts and all walked away feeling beautiful and loving their images. I will walk you through the session and help you bring out your beauty. I will show you every pose. It will feel like a work out but moving your body certain ways and where to place your hands are all things I have attended many workshops to ensure you look amazing without photoshop.

Do you and can you photoshop me?

Yes I can! The level of photoshop I do depends solely on my client.  From the minimum of just sparkling up your eyes, whitening your teeth and removing a blemish I got you!  Want your skin completely smoothed out? Either a little or a lot I can. If you want NO photoshop that is fine with me. I will always make sure images are color balanced but I will never photoshop you personally unless you ask me to. Yes, I can show you an examples!

I don’t know what to wear, can you help?

Absolutely! Every session includes a pre-session consultation in person, on the phone, via email to discuss your session and your wardrobe options. There is no harm in bringing extra outfits and mixing and matching on the day of. I have inspiration boards on Pinterest to get you started. We will create an inspiration board together for your session.

What do I need to know the day of the shoot?

Make sure you come to the session wearing loose fitting clothing to avoid marks on your skin. Don’t wear any make-up and come with clean but dry hair. Bring a number of outfits and a ton of accessories. You can bring a friend but as crazy as it sounds it is actually easier to let loose in front of me alone than with an audience that knows you. I strongly recommend not tanning or using any type of tanning lotions for at least three days prior to your session. Orange skin is really not attractive.

Does everyone take their clothes off?

Only those women who want to! I really love creating sensual images; implied sexuality is sexy. But if you are comfortable being nude I am comfortable photographing you.  Again, NO ONE will see your images. All after session viewings are done in person and I am the only one with access to my computer and the storing of your images.

 Do I need to go on a shopping spree?

Absolutely not! It is super fun to have amazing outfits that make you feel incredible but you would be amazed at what we can fashion out of a sheer piece of fabric and your smile. It all depends on your vision, your current closet, and your budget. Forever 21, Torrid and Ross have recently added some inexpensive pieces. But stores such as Coco and Lola’s, Dillard’s Victoria’s Secret have not only a large range of sizes but also great sales people.  Felling edgy? Try Cristal’s, Spencers and even Hot Topic.  Have time to wait for your lingerie check out online. It can take over a month for some items to arrive just make sure you look at the store rating and the customer comments.  I also have new never worn panties. Any Glamour dresses and robes are cleaned between each client. If you want the illusion of nudity or if you will be wearing my pieces I just ask that you wear a nude thong or panty.  Yours or your significant others sports jersey, dress shirt, concert t-shirt, work too! I will have all my props out and available for you to use. Necklaces, bracelets, barefoot sandals (foot jewelry) masks and more!


Do you photograph Males, Couples, Bondage or BDSM style Sessions?

Yes to all of the above!  Men- for my safety unless I know you I will have an assistant or my HMUA present during the session. They will not be in the studio but will be present. Couples- although I will pose you suggestively that is all it is. Something we will definitely discuss further during your consultation.  Bondage and BDSM – I will never judge your lifestyle.  I will NOT however attach any bondage items such as handcuffs or other restraints.  If you want a rope/shibari session for liability reasons I cannot attach ropes. If you want a shibari session you will need to bring your partner or be responsible for arranging for a certified shibari or rigger. You will need to sign an extra waiver releasing me of liability for these types of sessions.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Once we book your session everything is outlined in the contract and we will discuss it in detail during the consultation. The most important thing you need to know is we are going to have a ton if fun creating beautiful images together and you are going to leave feeling empowered, sexy, and full of confidence.

Do you serve alcohol or can I bring alcohol to my session?

My answer is always NO! A big fat NO… but it may not be for the reasons you think.

Yes, of course I want to avoid droopy eyes,  drunk clients and liability issues. That however, is not my main factor for my answer. The real reason I say no alcohol is because I don’t want my clients to numb themselves. I want the women to feel nervous, excited anticipation and their adrenaline flowing. After all, aren’t all those feelings synonymous with experiencing something out of your comfort zone? When you do things out of your comfort zone, you grow. You change. You are LIVING. Why would you numb yourself from all of those amazing things?



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