Grandpa’s Garage Children’s Themed Photo Session

Grandpas Garage Children's Themed Photo Session at Cindy Meisch Photography

Grandpas Garage Children’s Themed Photo Session at Cindy Meisch Photography

July in the Memphis Area was too Hot to photograph outside so I literally “set up shop” in my studio for

Grandpa’s Garage Children’s Themed Photo Session

This was the first annual Garage Children’s Themed Photo Session I have held.

I had some new clients as well as my regular’s and when I asked how they found me and why they chose me… across the board the mom’s had all stated that they were looking for “boy type photo sessions”.  Good to know..

“One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.” – G. Weilacher

The Garage Themed Sessions have been on my mind and in the planning and prop collecting stages for awhile now. My Grandfather Stanley was a mechanic and I remember as a kid the grease under his nails and his coveralls after coming home from a hard days work. It always amazed me that he could fix anything! My Grandpa was the inspiration for these sessions. Every time I look at the images and props I think of him and smile from great memories.

Ryan is someone I have photographed before and when I get those smiles I love it! He is very busy and is at the age he only wants to play. Who wouldn’t? I have caught my 8 and 10 year old in the studio playing in the set-up more than once!

My littlest client was Bryant. He is almost a year old. His session was the quickest. This kid smiled the ENTIRE time! But, I do have to Thank my daughter for the smiles. Babies love her and she kept him entertained the entire shoot. It was hard to narrow down my images of him. Just looking at the back of my camera I told his Mom that she was going to have a hard time choosing.

Miles and Hudson have worked with their Grandfather in his garage. They had a great time “fixing” my car! It was their idea to “jack it up” so they could fix underneath it. They even knew what the little antique oil can was and how it worked. I was happy to hear the great memories they are making with their grandfather.

Hays and Levi were my shyest clients and probably thought I was a little crazy. I gave Hays a rag to clean the windshield. I told him he had to make the “shwoop, shwoop” noise when he did it. His look at me was priceless!

In the end I think it was a great Themed Photo Session and I look forward to offering them again in the future.


The car was a loaner from my friend Erin, Thank you!

Many props came from estate sales, my husbands tool box, and S.Y. Wilson’s Antiques and Artisans in the Historic downtown Arlington, TN.

Want to see more? Watch the video!


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Hope you had a great Summer and made Memories where ever you were!



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Grandpa’s Garage Themed Mini- Session


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