High School Senior Boys Pictures

Memphis area Photographer Jacob & Taylor Class of 2013

Jacob and Taylor are Best Friends and have been for a long time. Two years ago I met and captured Jacob’s sister, Ashley’s Senior Pictures.  Jacob and Taylor spend a lot of time at Jacob’s Grandfathers property in Hernando, MS. It is a little bit of a hike for me to get to their “neck of the woods” but having memories captured in a place that was important to both of them was important … well it was important to their Mom’s and I am sure later on when they look back at these memories they will be glad I am willing to travel! In the south hunting, 4 wheeling and trucks are important to Senior boys and so those are the memories I captured.

Senior guys are a lot of fun to photograph. Girls I think naturally get posing and probably practice in front of the mirror from the time they are little.  Guys are usually a little self conscious and need more direction.  I always tell them ahead of time how important these images are to their Mom’s (or if you live in the south your Momma)  One tip I give to boys whether they are 2 or 82 is “cowboy hands” meaning I tell them I only want their thumbs in their pockets. If the person you are photographing has their whole hand in their pocket it is not visually appealing. So at the beginning when I say “cowboy hands” and explain they know the entire shoot when I say the phrase they know what to do.

One thing I also do at the end of the shoot is take a picture of the Senior and their Mom.  Every time Mom is usually the one resisting but that image is also one that ends up in the order. Life goes by so fast and before you know it these “kids” will be out in the world either in college or starting a career. So hug your “babies” no matter how old they are!  Thank you to Jacob and Taylor for asking me to be a part of this memory!

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  1. So clever to have mom and their senior! As, it’s for sure the mom that helps support their children through those teenage years, and it’s always the mom when the althetles win, that thank their mothers first! Wonderful capture of their personalities!

  2. Love that guys are getting their senior pictures these days. Its so important to document significant life changing moments in our lives. Graduating from high school is def one of them!

  3. I love that you take a picture of each senior with their mom. 🙂

  4. I love senior pictures that capture the kids true personality these are awesome

  5. Carmen Hall says:

    Senior pictures are all about capturing who they really are. You did that well.

  6. Love these photos. It so fun to capture them in what they enjoy. 🙂

  7. I LOVE this session…capturing exactly who these young men are!

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