Get in the Box 2015

2015 Holiday Season is your last chance to “Think out of the Box” … and “Get in the Box!” for Holiday Pictures

Get in the box for a unique mini session with Cindy Meisch Photography

Get in the box for a unique mini session with Cindy Meisch Photography

In 2012 I told my husband I wanted to build this huge white box that a family could get in for their Holiday Pictures. I explained how big I wanted it and how I was going to make this collage and it was going to be EPIC!!!! He looked at me and said “forget it! I am not helping you with this crazy idea!” I showed him my inspiration image from a Professional Photographer Magazine and literally drove him to Home Depot just to see what it would take to build such a thing. Obviously he gave in!  That first year I only booked regular sessions and said “hey while you are here lets take a few In the Box!” That year I sold more box collage cards, prints and gifts than my regular Holiday set up!

How many times as parents have we heard “Why do I buy toys when they only play in the box?” or how many times have you been sucked into You Tube watching kids and cats trying to fit in a box? I LOVE these sessions when I shoot them I photograph the entire family and then start breaking it down into kids, parents, individuals. But the catch is if you are not in the box you have to sit so you are not able to see what is going on in the box until I edit the images and they are revealed in your video! The results are kids that are free to be silly … and parents too!

This happens to be my very best friend and her family which we call Framily (Friends + Family)

My Family supported our favorite Football team. Priscilla and her family went casual. I have had families dress in Pajamas and in their Christmas outfits. Whatever you decide I can guarantee it will be a fun time!

By the way this 2015 Holiday Season will be the last chance for Box sessions as I need to reclaim my space this box is taking up!



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