I am Not Old!

I am Not Old ... Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis Area Photographer

I am Not Old … Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis Area Photographer

I Am Not Old

“I am not old…she said I am rare.

I am the standing ovation

At the end of the play.

I am the retrospective

Of my life as art I am the hours

Connected like dots Into good sense

I am the fullness Of existing.

You think I am waiting to die…

But I am waiting to be found

I am a treasure.

I am a map.

And these wrinkles are

Imprints of my journey

Ask me anything.”

– Samantha Reynolds


I think if you would have asked me 3 years ago I would have told you I felt old. I am 46. But, today I don’t feel old.

This past week I put out a model call for Glamour and Boudoir Models. Before I put out the Model call I called upon my current clients, friends people I knew that would put their trust in me not only to take such intimate portraits but that I had a connection with. I wasn’t looking for what society deems a typical model. I was/am looking for real woman! Woman that want to feel beautiful and that are embracing every year they have survived, every scar earned and every wrinkle that shows they have lived, laughed and learned about life!

So no Excuses! I am not Old!


  1. Holly S Day says:

    I love your new adventure. Count me in!!! Would love to be involved in my mid 50’s I think I’m comfortable with my body! And only you will do it! I trust you totally ! Love Holly

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