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Get in the box for a unique mini session with Cindy Meisch Photography

Get in the box for a unique mini session with Cindy Meisch Photography



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Cindy Meisch Photography Mini Session Get in the box!

Cindy Meisch Photography

Box Mini Sessions

 I am rethinking how I will build my box for the next round of Mini-Sessions but I wanted to share how I built it for those of you wondering and the photographers wanting to build their own.  I built my box from  3/4″ Laminate covered MDF.  I had Home Depot cut the board so I knew the cut would be straight.  A sheet was  97″x49″ and I had them cut it at 49 inches. So I ended up with 2 sides at 49″x49″ and the top and bottom at 48″x49″  I also used the thin panel board for the back and the iron on tape to finish the front edge which is not necessary because of Photoshop but just finished it.  After the box comes apart because it is made from MDF I am going to lose integrity and have to screw new holes when I reassemble the box the next time.  I will reuse this box one more time probably this summer when it is too hot to shoot outside in the  Memphis Summer heat. The next time I build the box I will explore other options like painting plywood and maybe hinging it to allow easier storage and portability.  The box has been a lot of fun! Even though I had to twist my husbands arm and beg him to help me build it…. it was worth it! Everyone has had FUN! in the box!

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  1. Hi do you have a tutorial of how to assemble the box pictures in photoshop?

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