Lets Play! Fun Family Holiday Photos!

Lets Play! Cindy Meisch Photography

Lets Play! Cindy Meisch Photography Memphis Area Photographer

Lets Play!

When my friend Gabby saw my personal family holiday card from years ago she said “We are so doing that!” This family not only are very dear friends of ours but they truly do love to play and have fun! So when Gabby said I have this idea for the center image of us to be “normal” and the rest in our camo and Nerf guns.  I said Lets Play! Anyone that knows me knows I am game! Let’s have fun!

I think it is so funny that sometimes people can visualize exactly what they want in their head because that is how I work. Now I just say “I have this idea” instead of adding crazy to the front of it. Because hey, it usually works out! Anyone that had a Holiday session with me in 2014 it was done way before Thanksgiving. So my blogging is a little late but a lot of FUN! Lets’ Play! 2015 is your last chance to get in the Box and then it will be dismantled!  See their fun video here!


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