Targeted YouTube Ad with Animoto

Making a YouTube Ad with Animoto

For a Photographer to rank high in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I personally feel this is a daily task. Between blogging, YouTube, creating videos with Animoto, Facebook, Instagram…… _______________ insert countless others here. 

I do know that I needed a couple of things to get my SEO rank on the first page of Google was to essentially have a Website with a Blog and YouTube.  I know if you are a photographer or any business for that matter you are thinking “Why do I need a YouTube account?”  Several years ago I took a class with Sarah Petty  called “The Joy of Marketing” One of the instructors Erin Verbeck had spoken about how YouTube was the second largest search engine after Google.  SAY WHAT?  This was at least 5 years ago. Just by looking at the younger generation I am sure in time it may surpass Google. I don’t know about you but I have 2 teens that spend countless hours on YouTube. (Some videos they watch are other gamers playing a game…. why?) Enough of life’s mysteries….

Create Your YouTube Channel

So if you don’t have a YouTube channel and whether you do or do not have video to add go and claim your channel now! YouTube is pretty easy to set up. One tip I have is that after you upload a video go to your video manager and edit the settings.  The only comments I allow are ones that are approved. (BuhBye trolls)  and have a thick skin if someone give you a thumbs down. There is no way of knowing who did it and not everything you do will please everyone.  See my channel HERE! I also have a plugin for it to be at the bottom of my website as well as a plugin to embed YouTube videos into related posts.  Don’t know where to start? How about a video introducing yourself? You Tube is very user friendly. Personalize it. Ask people to subscribe to your channel. Location  is probably the one thing most people over look. If you find me on any social media out there you know I am located in the Memphis area. Add location to your video!!! When you have uploaded a video take off your business hat and put on your ideal client hat. What are they searching for? Cute kid pictures, best place in Memphis to take pictures? Tag anything you can think of including your location. IF you have used Animoto although I have the Pro version which gives me the rights to use their huge music library I always give credit to the artist in the video description and tag.

Getting the Most Out of Your Video on YouTube

Best family photographer in Memphis

Tips for your YouTube video from Cindypic

  1. Go to the video manager. This is where you’re going to edit things Basic Settings.
  2. Add any tags you can think of : cute kids, Memphis family photographer, hot spots in Memphis, whatever anyone may be searching for in your area.
  3.  Is the Advanced Settings section. This is where you will make sure you head off the spammers and trolls and set your comments to “Approved Only” and  Add your LOCATION!!!!!! 
  4. Is your videos URL that you will need for your pages plug-in or to share via Facebook….


Wait you said Animoto….

Yes, 99% of the video’s on my channel are made with Animoto.  When I moved here in 2009 I was trying to get my photography business started here and my mentor told me to look at Sandy Puc’. Fortunately she was holding a workshop in my area and I went. At the end she briefly introduced Animoto and with every workshop I have attended she always speaks about the power of video.  So before I ever considered an ad using Animoto I use it with every session I do. I can’t even tell you how this emotionally attaches my client to their images. Think about how music can play such an important role in everything. Now imagine some outtakes. The giggles you didn’t know I captured, the parent breathing in the love and baby scent during a newborn session. I always have a box of tissues at the ready no matter what type of session I captured.  One client I saw after I delivered her newborn order to teared up the next time I ran into her because she wanted to Thank me again for the video. She told me when she got up for the late, late night feedings she would watch that video.  Or the Mother who I captured her son’s giggling and running around after the session.  She said “Thank you! I never want to forget that sound”

So although I believe in the power of your portraits on your wall…. I do believe it’s my videos that clients have on their phone that they show while out or the new client that found me via Google/YouTube.

What I Learned Creating an Animoto Video for a YouTube Ad

I first started working with an Animoto representative about a pilot program they were partnering with YouTube on. I created a few video’s and finalized one.  I think the hardest part for me is always picking the music. I was then referred to a YouTube rep to help me set up my ad and narrow down my target audience.  Some things I already knew and somethings I learned about my ad video:

  1. Your Video should be 30 seconds or less. If you don’t have your target audience in the first 10-15 seconds they won’t stay to watch 30 seconds.  Animoto allows you to speed up the pace of your images, trim the song and more. They also have several different video styles to choose from. If you visit my site I do have some of my personal “go-to” faves but I also use the Holiday themed templates for Christmas, Halloween or if a theme goes especially well with a session I just shot.
  2. Your Logo should be in the video. This is the only complaint I have about Animoto. They have a spot for you to upload your logo. But, they don’t give you control over how long the logo runs. I ended up just inserting it as an image at the beginning and the end.
  3. Have a call to action! The beginning of my video says “Now Booking Fun Family Sessions Memphis Area”  at the end it says click here to visit my site and I also have my phone Number.
  4. You can upload your video right from your Animoto account.
  5. YouTube will let you customize your ad in so many ways. Zip code, time, videos it will run on, daily budget and so much more.

The Results

I spent $125 and my ad ran for 30 days in 3 specific zip codes in my area. Because I was targeting Families I had it set up to run when someone searched baby products or info and more key words that I had worked on with my YouTube rep. I did book clients from my ad and could see people visited my site from the ad video. When someone emails or calls I ask “how did you find me?”  I am busy enough for me at this time.  I know I rank high on Google because I have put in the work not only with YouTube, blogging but following the endless steps from some of the greatest marketing people in the business that I have taken classes with and countless articles I have read.  But, Nothing though is more powerful than word of mouth. I love hearing “I saw the video and the pictures you did with my friend! How do I book with you?”


Do you have a question? Let me know here and I will do my best to answer or refer you to the people I rely on for an answer!



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