Miss A’s First Birthday

Miss A’s First Birthday

When I added Miss A’s First Birthday to my calendar I had to do a double look… How could this be? One already?

She was so tiny with the perfect lips. Now she is one still as beautiful as ever but ONE!!!!

One yr old photos in Memphis cindypic blog

Miss A’s First Birthday photos by Cindy Meisch Photography Arlington, TN

Even though they have moved to Texas I am still blessed their older sister still lives in the Memphis area. When Mom emailed me and said they were coming for their sisters graduation and could I fit them in? Of Course!!!  We did the same Sprinkle birthday session that have done previously with my One year olds.  I know it makes a mess but it is a lot less messier than a cake and I have not had a child yet that didn’t love playing in the sprinkles!

Watch her cute video of her session here!

Of course her sister came along and we had to capture a few of them together.  I actually started with her older sister since I have been photographing her for 5 years now and once the baby sees how much fun her older sister is having she warms up to be. Also, filling and bribing them with sugar never hurts! I created this vintage collage with the girls wearing some cute petti rompers and also running an Oh So Posh  Bohemian Symphony radiant  reduced to 50% and back in time also reduced to 50%  photo shop action on it to achieve the vintage look.


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Girls vintage collage Cindy Meisch Photography Photographer Arlington, TN

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