Ms. K Will See You Now…. A Boudoir Session

Boudoir photographer in Memphis

Ms. K’s Boudoir Session by Cindy Meisch Photography Arlington, TN


Ms. K’s Boudoir Session Could Not Have Been More Perfect! 

Typically I always have a consult prior to your Boudoir Session. I didn’t have a chance with Ms. K. We were both on a time deadline.  I made an exception for her because she was referred  by a very good friend.  I always have you fill out a questionnaire first just so we both know what the end expectations are for your session. So I had that but I had never met her.
My Amazing Hair and Make-up Artist Natalie Yale arrived a little early. She wanted to get set up and asks does she have long hair? short? …. I only knew from her sheet what type of look she was looking for.

The Look I Want My Boudoir Session to Be…

I am lucky Ms. K already knew what outfits she wanted to rock and what she wanted to have her session style look like. All I had to do was pose her.  I was setting up the studio and planning things out in my head after talking to her and viewing her wardrobe choices. It is that time I plan in my head what we are going to do.
I knew the moment she walked in hugged me and I could hear her laughing with my Makeup Goddess that it was going to be a fun Boudoir Session!
Ms. K was a Goddess! I wish I could share more of her session and I may at a later date as we want to work together again! But, she is amazing! She runs! She takes no BS from anyone and is a proud, courageous Woman!
At the end of our Boudoir Session I knew I was going to have a hard time narrowing my editing choices when I looked down and my shutter count was 247! Say what?

Make sure you plan a date night you are going to look Hot!

Funny story that day I had a tank top on that said “After this we are going for tacos!” I always tell my Boudoir and Glamour clients make sure you plan a night out because you will look HOT!  She texted me later that she had a great experience and yes her and her boyfriend went out for tacos after her session!


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