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A Young Couples Photo Session

Landon and Rachel 
Bartlett TN Cindy Meisch Photography
Bartlett TN Cindy Meisch Photography

When my family moved to Tennessee over 6 years ago Landon and his family had just purchased the house next door to our rental house. They were one of the reasons we wanted to stay in our neighborhood when we bought our home. Not only were they great neighbors I consider his Mom a great friend and believe it or not Landon was my baby sitter. He was a great at it! He was amazing with my kids!  Unfortunately I don’t need him anymore and he is currently in college at the University of Tennessee.

As you can see in the image he plays the Trombone. Last summer he traveled all over the U.S. with the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps.  It is a very hard musical group to join and the training from what I hear is even harder. They tell the parents ahead of time “at week 2 your kid will tell you he is ready to give up”. I didn’t ask him if he told his parents that, but I knew he stuck it out and everyone is very proud of him! … even me!

But then one day on his Facebook page a beautiful girl started appearing in his pictures. Rachel is a musician as well and attends the University of Tennessee.  This summer she came for a visit with her parents to spend a little time letting Landons family show her Family Memphis! I hear they went to The Rendezvous’ for ribs and to the Zoo among other things.

Not only that he ALWAYS makes sure he makes time not only for his parents but his Grandmother too when he is home from college.

Landon (and I say this in the nicest way) is a goofball! In a good way! He makes everyone laugh! He makes sure to see the silly and happy side of every situation. So when he came over for some Headshots for his music career Rachel came too! I liked her instantly! She has Landon’s same sense of humor and I can totally relate to her being a short girl liking a tall guy!

After the shoot was done and Landon headed back to school early to start some music classes his Mom and I went to lunch.  She and her husband raised an amazing young man.  You know I cried as we talked about how grown he was. That he was a young man and not that goofy 15 year old that wasn’t too old to play with my then 7 year old son.  Realizing that this young man may never come back to “live” in my neighborhood as he is now finding his way in the real world.

So Landon wherever this musical journey and life takes you know that I am proud of you! And so very lucky to have captured so many memories of you over the years!

And Rachel it was a great pleasure meeting you and I hope you and your family enjoyed your time in the Memphis area.



Trombone cufflinks

Trombone cufflinks

P.S. He wanted to make sure I got a picture of his Trombone cufflinks. They were a gift from his Momma.

P.S.S. Grandma G wants everyone to know these are not engagement pictures.

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