Santa’s Visit 2015

Santa’s Visit 2015

Santa made his annual visit to my studio for the 2015 season.  Love my Santa, Mrs. Claus and all my clients that came to share their lists with the big guy!

This year I announced the date for the Santa sessions in August via my Newsletter. I was 90% booked in a week and 100% before October.  For me these sessions are magic! My Santa is amazing and never, ever breaks character the entire day.  Well, because he is the real Santa of course!  This day is more about giving your list to Santa!  My elves welcome you into the studio on the day of the session. Families come early or stay a little later because I have Hot Cocoa, drinks, cookies and a craft for the kids to make and take home.  It is more than just seeing Santa it is the whole experience of the visit!


Santa's 2015 visit to Cindy Meisch Photography

Santa’s 2015 visit to Cindy Meisch Photography

This year I did things a little different. I set my sessions for 20 minutes instead of 15.  It gave me enough time to not only capture Santa with the kids but I also captured just the kids with the starry backdrop. Some of the kids enjoyed blowing or throwing my fake snow. Setting a longer time limit also gave Santa a chance to leave the room for a break, talk to the kids crafting while I captured the kids alone and then reintroduced Santa.  All of the kids had already been to see Santa with me but I had a few new siblings this year! 21 Families, 38 kids and 2 dogs later I am proud to say it all went very smoothly and we ended the day on time!

I keep track of what the kids ask Santa for. Sometimes they are on the line of believing and I can let the parents know. Of course Star Wars toys made the list as well as a race car, phones, a computer, Art supplies and books just to name a few. Good thing Santa stays current on what the kids are into these days because Ms. Cindy did not have a clue on some toys!

This is my most favorite session of the year! I know Santa makes a list and checks it twice but I also keep a list. First people to be notified of the Santa Sessions are my current clients, then Newsletter Subscribers and then I announce it on my website and then Facebook. Until next year I hope you stay on Santa’s Nice list!

I want to Thank everyone that came to be photographed, My Family for their elf help, my best friend Priscilla who provided last minute prep help, My friend Jennifer for loaning me all her glitter stars and Santa for taking time away from his duties at the North Pole to visit the studio for the day.

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