Triplets! Now We Are Having Fun!


Triplet photographer Memphis area

Triplets Having Fun In the Box! at Cindy Meisch Photography

The Triplets came to have a little fun in the box!

This was my last photo session in the box. I am unbelievably blessed to be able to photograph at The Bridge at Chrisleigh Farms.  The owner Debbie actually found me. She wanted a Box Session for her triplet granddaughters.  So I left the box intact until her family could make it into town.  These girls even though they are triplets definitely have their own unique personality. But one thing is a given… “Everyone LOVES the Box!”  My biggest challenge when photographing the triplets was being fast with my camera. But that is true whether there is 1 two year old or three!

I asked “But, you own this amazing property…. are you sure you want to come to my studio?”  They all said that they love their Historic property but they also have a lot of photos of it, taken there and they wanted something different.  The Box is different.

I get a lot of questions on the construction, dimensions of the box. You can find that info HERE. I know there are other photographers that have constructed it differently. And, there may be better ways. But, it was fun while it lasted and as far as I can tell I was the only photographer in the Memphis area offering this unique session.

I could not have had a better way to say goodbye to the box than photographing this amazing family.



  1. Anna Fraczak says:

    I love this video you made it. Can you tell me please what did you use to create this video?

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